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Youth Agripreneurship Program

The Youth Agripreneurship Program is an exciting initiative by Bandera Farmers Network designed to empower young individuals with the skills and knowledge to become successful agripreneurs. This program is specifically tailored for youth who are interested in exploring entrepreneurship opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Comprehensive Training and Mentorship

Through the Youth Agripreneurship Program, we provide comprehensive training and mentorship to equip young agripreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge for success. Our training modules cover a wide range of topics, including business planning and development, market research and analysis, financial management and budgeting, marketing and branding strategies, and sustainable farming practices and technologies.

Practical Hands-on Experience

Participants in the program have the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience through farm visits, workshops, and field demonstrations. They learn about various aspects of agricultural operations, such as crop cultivation, livestock management, post-harvest handling, and value-added product development.

Business Incubation and Support

We offer business incubation support to young agripreneurs, helping them refine their business ideas, develop solid business plans, and access funding opportunities. Our mentors provide guidance and expertise to ensure the success and sustainability of their agricultural enterprises.

Networking and Industry Connections

As part of the program, we facilitate networking opportunities and industry connections for young agripreneurs. They can interact with industry experts, potential customers, and fellow agripreneurs, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can enhance their business prospects.

Empowering Youth for Sustainable Development

Our goal is to inspire and empower the youth to embrace agriculture as a viable and rewarding career option. By fostering their entrepreneurial spirit, providing comprehensive training, and offering ongoing support, we aim to create a new generation of agripreneurs who contribute to food security, economic growth, and sustainable development in their communities.


Duration project: 14 days


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